World Mental Health Day ’22 — Awareness Walk

Your mental health — psychological, emotional and social well-being — impacts every area of your life. Positive mental health allows you to deal with life’s daily stressors effectively, communicate well with others, make healthy decisions and live life to its fullest. But sometimes, struggles with mental illnesses and addiction can make it seem like achieving a healthy mental state is impossible.

Many of us have been there.

At Tea & Reflection, we’re dedicated to helping you free yourself from these binds, spread awareness around mental illness, and reduce the stigma.

To commemorate World Mental Health Day ’22, we took our time in the streets of Minna, Niger state, Nigeria, to rekindle our efforts as individuals and as a society, to call on national and local government to prioritise reducing the factors known to pose a risk to people’s mental health, enhancing those known to protect it and creating the conditions needed for people to thrive.

Because mental health problems exist in our lives, families, workplaces and communities—impacting everyone. We need to do as much as possible to prevent mental ill-health and stop the stigma associated with it.


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