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  • Reflective


    Enter a haven of shared experiences where Tea & Reflection ignites change. Every drink brings about healing and dismantles the obstacles associated with mental illness stigma.

  • Tea Transforms


    Join discussions while sipping tea to promote empowerment and understanding. Every cup is filled with compassion, dismantling barriers and welcoming an environment devoid of stigma.

  • Beyond Words


    With awareness campaigns, Tea & Reflection challenges conventions. It's more than just words; it's action for mental health, redefining well-being, and promoting social harmony.


    Who Are We?

    Tea & Reflection is a mental health peer support group/community working on reducing the stigma around mental disorders in Nigeria, especially in the northern parts of Nigeria.

    We provide a safe space where people can share their personal experiences on contemporary issues in mental health, such as anxiety and depression (which, according to The World Health Organization, is one of the most ignored and misunderstood mental disorders in Nigeria, with about 7million Nigerians suffering from it), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders), eating disorders and a bunch of other mental disorders. 

    Lead a happy fulfilling life

    Start Your Journey Towards Healing!

    Reflective Sessions

    Celebrate small wins and share stories of growth and struggles. Sometimes, listening to others speak about their experiences lets you gain their perspective. It gives you insight into yours by allowing you to understand that situation as well.

    Awareness Campaign

    The aim is to induce action and change in behaviour that would improve overall addressing issues concerning mental health, personal development and growth in a broader social context because many people suffer severe mental illnesses that can be improved with education and support.

    Expert Coaching

    Get help from mental health professionals that’d help you better understand and cope with thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

    Features & Benefits



    Discover Tea & Reflection Events

    Take part in one-of-a-kind events that combine therapeutic dialogue with group empowerment. Come to activities that will ignite change, dispel stigma, and show the way towards mental health for all.


    +234 810 446 5990



    Reflective Sessions:


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